Kim Barnes, Top Agent

Founder, Friends of Lafayette Park


In 2009, the Mayor, San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Nancy Pelosi recognized Kim for the enthusiasm and creativity she demonstrated while helping to make Lafayette Park a safer, cleaner, and more beautiful park. San Francisco Recreation and Parks General Manager Philip A. Ginsburg said, “For many years neighbors of Lafayette Park were eager to see their park volunteer efforts grow. Kim Barnes put her heart and soul into creating a vibrant, active, and effective Friends of Lafayette Park organization.

The Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC) deemed November 7, “Kim Barnes Cleaning and Greening Day”.  San Francisco Parks Trust also recognized Ms. Barnes’ leadership and community service as President of Friends of Lafayette Park. The organization applauded the way in which she has brought neighbors and local institutions together. And lastly, Friends of Alta Plaza Park recognized her further contributions in helping to launch Alta Plaza Park Volunteers.’

The Friends of Lafayette Park



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