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“Perfection!  She is knowledgeable, thorough, courteous, flexible, prompt; excellent on following through. I can go on and on. I have bought and sold over ten properties in the last 25 years and have never had an agent who was as complete as Kim. In addition to advising clients on current market conditions, she is very open to listening to what the client wants to do as well. She will advise, but not push. Ultimately she lets you, the customer, decide. But her advice is extremely accurate and as a client I am very grateful for her help in selling my property. If I ever know of anyone buying or selling property…you are the one!”  Al Ausing

“It’s tough to explain but I just feel invincible around her.  Kim is always willing to educate us without being patronizing.  She is incredibly hard working (I don’t think she sleeps, seriously, my first and last email in my inbox everyday are updates/ideas/info from her).  She’s really fast and discerning.  She won’t push you into something you don’t want to do but she won’t let you waste your time. She’s well-connected in the City so that helps also.  At different open houses I’ve attended, many other agents know Kim.  Lastly, she’s sassy and REALLY funny!   I’m glad she is on our side and not the other side.”    Happy Clients

“You’ve been great to work with.  I like the fact that you make things happen and don’t take no for an answer.  That’s my style.”  Louis Lozano

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for us to get Green Street SOLD! You have been amazing to work with over the years, so much that you are like family to us. We won’t know what to do without your weekly/daily/hourly calls to show/design/fix the house.  We need another project soon!  Cheers To the great adventure we’ve had!”    Lori and David Wright

“Just so know you are as good as it gets in your profession. I’ve not met a better or more talented agent than you.” Larry Ellis

“Kim Barnes is fantastic. Not only did she stick close to us through weeks of searching for the perfect place, but once we found it, she saw us through what turned out to be a pretty complicated deal. Her professionalism and attention to detail assured us that no stone would be left unturned. She was also very sensitive to the roller coaster ride of emotions we were experiencing as first time buyers in such a competitive market, and she really spent the time needed to make sure all our questions were answered. Kim’s endless enthusiasm and optimism make her a joy to work with.”  Kirstin Hunter

“Kim Barnes was pro-active, principled, personable, persistent, punctual, and positively marvelous to work with.”  David Scott Carlick

“Dear Kim, I’m sitting on the floor of our empty apartment in San Francisco with my computer on my lap and getting ready to leave for Thailand within the hour. The scene doesn’t sound very glamorous but it’s an idyllic state for me. And YOU are the one who made it all happen. You sold our apartment in record time and obtained our asking price! The working conditions, both before and after the sale, were not ideal as we put the apartment on the market when we were in Bangkok, Thailand. My husband and I attribute the success of the sale to you and we highly recommend you as a top-notch Real Estate Agent. You handled every detail efficiently and professionally. Furthermore, on a personal level, you are a delightful woman and it has been our pleasure and joy to work with you on this transaction. We send you our warmest wishes for continued success”  Dawn F. Rooney

“Buying or selling a home is stressful.  Anyone who has gone through the process knows this.  You want a real estate agent, like Kim Barnes, that will help you through the entire process. Kim is the type of real estate agent that will go the extra mile to help you buy or sell real estate.  She was on top of absolutely everything involved in getting the contract complete.  So, if you are in need of a real estate agent you can trust and will work as hard as you do, Kim Barnes is the best out there.” Bradley Torok

One afternoon, driving home from yet another discouraging appointment with my agent I stopped on a whim to view an open house. It was there that I met Kim Barnes and thirty minutes later my original Realtor received a thoughtful, but final email from me.  Kim’s knowledge and familiarity of the City’s neighborhoods was confidence inspiring. Kim listened and quickly understood my needs.  Her friendly, personable approach was comfortable and I really enjoyed working together with her.  Most importantly, Kim brought me the opportunity to make a successful offer on a home that had all the charm I was looking for.  It’s been a year since the move and Kim has continued to be a willing and reliable resource for so many of the little issues I’ve faced as a first time homeowner. Every morning I sit in my window with my tea and look out at my beautiful view. I finally realized my dream and I now live in a very special place all my own in the City I have always loved.  And along the way, I made a new friend named Kim Barnes.  If you are serious about buying or selling your home look no further.”   Benita LaScola


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