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Get Chauffeured: A Narrated Virtual Tour of San Francisco

Get Chauffeured: A Narrated Virtual Tour of San Francisco

PinExt Get Chauffeured: A Narrated Virtual Tour of San Francisco


52  Blocks of  Sightseeing in  San Francisco
You are visiting from out of town, we hop in the car, wander around and see some sights (some touristy, some not). We’ll follow Mississippi Street to 7th Street to Leavenworth Street, passing through the neighborhoods of Potrero Hill, Mission Bay, SoMa, Civic Center, Tenderloin, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, and Fisherman’s Wharf. About 52 blocks in all, give or take, depending upon what you consider a “block”. Occasionally we’ll teleport out of the car and take some side trips. This started out as a regular “drivelapse” but somehow along the way morphed into a full driving tour, kind of a drivelapse-travelogue hybrid. Two cameras on board, plus GPS, and a chatty driver.00:00 Opening, route overview, vehicle choice.
01:28 Starting in Potrero Hill.
01:48 View of Potrero Terrace and Annex housing projects.
02:44 View of the Bay from Potrero Hill.
03:14 San Francisco skyline view from Potrero Hill.
04:21 Passing Caltrain.
05:00 Entering Mission Bay.
05:20 Car campers on 7th Street.
06:48 Mission Bay Pump Station Number 4.
08:02 Caltrain mural.
08:37 Experimenting with magic video enhancement software.
10:12 Entering SoMa (South of Market).
12:06 Hall of Justice, jails.
13:16 Auto Return, police impound.
14:00 San Francisco Federal Building.
15:08 James R Browning Courthouse.
15:40 Grant Building, interior and 1906 earthquake survival.
18:40 Muni F-line historic restored street cars.
21:00 Briefly passing through a corner of Civic Center.
21:25 Entering The Tenderloin.
21:39 Tenderloin scenes.
23:54 Tour busses.
24:25 Letter to “Cythia”.
25:19 T-shirt.
26:20 California Street Cable Car side trip.
27:55 Entering Nob Hill.
28:34 Entering Russian Hill.
28:42 View of Alcatraz.
29:13 Coit Tower side trip and 360° views.
35:33 Lombard Street.
38:00 Entering Fisherman’s Wharf.
38:03 Musée Mécanique.
39:31 Scavenger.
39:56 Mingling with the tourists at Fisherman’s Wharf.
41:13 Bushman.
42:26 Closing credits.

Music used with permission from:  Kevin MacLeod (  and  1906 Earthquake photographs are in the public domain (copyrighted before 1922, therefore the copyrights have expired).  USGS photographs are in the public domain.  Google maps used in accordance with the Google terms of service for an “online video”  All other video and audio created by PartyOfTheThirdPart

Posted on July 11, 2013 at 9:27 pm by Kim Barnes

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