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Perfection!!!! What more can I say about this agent. she is knowledgeable, thorough, courteous, flexible, prompt, excellent on following through….I can go on and on.

I have bought and sold over ten properties in the last 25 years and have never had an agent who was as complete as Kim. In addition to advising clients on current market conditions, she is very open to listening to what the client wants to do as well. She will advise…but not push. Ultimately she lets you, the customer, decide. But her advise is extremely accurate and as a client I am very grateful for her help in selling my property.

5 sumeetbal

My family and I had just moved from Manhattan and were shocked at the lack of knowledgeable real estate brokers in SF. While Kim originally helped us rent a home in SF, she helped us in our transition to the Bay Area and then helped us look at two years worth of homes before helping us put a bid on our rental. She took the time to walk us through quite an arduous process and then held our hand through the mortgage and inspection process. Even after we signed our deal she has kept checking in with us to make sure everything is okay and we are enjoying the space. I’m not very trusting of brokers in general and usually think of them as people out to make a quick sale. However, Kim did not fit the normal profile and I really appreciated her counsel on so many issues that plagued me as I went through a somewhat frustrating process. She was calm, cool, and collected and I really felt like she understood what I was looking for and also how to move expediently through my home buying and inspection process. I highly recommend Kim Barnes to anyone who is searching for a new home and would like a broker who has both integrity and intelligence!

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