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city hall

Property  Taxes
San   Francisco’s property tax  rate 2012-2013  is   1.1691%
Property Tax     FAQs
Property     Tax Appeals Form
Assessor – Recorder
3R     Report Codes Explained
Getting     A City Permit
Building Inspections
Planning Department
Excemptions     to getting a building permit
 Sf Bldg Dept   Planning and Permit Process Flow Chart
Sewer Line    Informative Diagram
Required     Reading for Buyers and Sellers
What   You Should Know About Residential Energy and   Water Conservation Requirements
General   Information For Buyers and Sellers of Real   Property in the City/County of SF
Rent Board
Costa Hawkins
Ellis   Act
Tenancy   in Common and Condominium Conversion
Tenancy     in Commons
2013     Conominium Conversion
2     Unit Condo Conversion Flow Chart
TIC   Loans:  Henry Jeanes, Sterling Bank  415-970-988
Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)
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